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Putin Continues ‘Union State’ Push For Possible Fifth Term Path

Putin Continues 'Union State' Push For Possible Fifth Term Path
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Open Border – Union State between Russia and Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin is prohibited from serving another term at the conclusion of his current period in office by the Russian Constitution. Many analysts have considered the Kremlin’s push for closer integration with neighboring Belarus as a pathway to a fifth term for the Russian leader. By completing the nascent integration between the two nations currently known as the ‘Union State’, Putin would be able to claim a different constitution for a different country and stay in office as the leader of the renewed Russian empire.

Belarusian Economy Minister Dmitry Krutoi declared this week that Minsk and Russia have agreed on the key areas of the development of integration processes within the Union State of Belarus and Russia, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“I think the concept of our future activities has been agreed upon for the most part,” Krutoi, who co-chairs a Russian-Belarusian intergovernmental working group, said, as cited by the BelTA news agency.

According to Krutoi, the group’s initiatives will be discussed during Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s current visit to Russia. “A package of initiatives has been worked out to submit to the president. The working group considered the options that the heads of state exchanged in May,” the Belarusian economy minister noted.

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