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Chaos In Moldovan Government

Chaos In Moldovan Government
Image by Accent TV 2015
Maia Sandu

Moldova is experiencing a political earthquake. The long-ruling Democratic Party of Moldova has been removed from power after opposition parties finally formed a coalition after parliamentary elections in February, with 61 out of 101 parliamentary members voting for it

The pro-European Union ACUM formed a government with the pro-Russian Socialist Party led by President Igor Dodon and installed Maia Sandu as prime minister, a former education minister and World Bank adviser.

The Democratic Party is run by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

“Injustice has come to an end today in Moldova,” Sandu said. “Today begins the process of the purification of Moldova.”

Sandu stated that her program stipulates “the country’s liberation from the oligarchical regime”, the restoration of economy and cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, as well as the fight against corruption and poverty, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“We must free the captured state institutions, depoliticize the Constitutional Court, get rid of the oligarchs,” said Andrei Nastase, who leads ACUM alongside Sandu.

“We will form a government today.”

Nastase was removed as mayor of the capital Chisinau by the courts in a move many analysts see as driven by Plahotnuic.

Democratic party deputy chairman Andrian Candu declared that Moscow was behind the rise of ACUM and was pushing an agenda that would allow the separatist region of Transdniester to merge with the Russian Federation.

“To all these conditions, we said ‘no’. We are not betraying our country,” Candu said. “And rather we go for the snap elections in the future than to create a coalition and a majority and to empower a government under such conditions.”

“The Russian Federation is trying to force the creation of the pro-Russian government, illegally, in Moldova,” Candu said.

The Constitutional Court of Moldova declared Zinaida Greceanii’s election as speaker of parliament illegal, according to a decision made two hours after the voting in the parliament.

“The court finds the decision as of June 8, 2019, taken by members of the 10th parliament to elect Zinaida Greceanii to the post of speaker of parliament to be unconstitutional,” the court reported on its website. The court also declared all documents that the parliament will adopt in the future to be illegal, reported TASS.

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