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Russian Creator Of Telegram Creating Alternative Blockchain Internet That Can’t Be Censored

Russian Creator Of Telegram Creating Alternative Blockchain Internet That Can't Be Censored
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Дуров, Павел Валерьевич,
Основатель социальной сети

Russian prodigy Pavel Durov, and his brother Nikol, the creators of the encrypted application Telegram, which is lovingly used by citizens living under repressive regimes to communicate privately all over the world, is now launching an effort to create a new alternative internet, using blockchain technology, which would be unable to be censored. The brothers want to release the product called the Telegram Open Network, or TON, by October 31st, one day before the Russian government by law can shut down the current internet system in Russia.

The blockchain platform Telegram Open Network, or TON, will be similar to a protected and expandable internet. It will have websites (the same websites accessible on the “normal” internet) and additional services like its own app store, the payment system TON Payments, the file storage system TON Storage, the TON Proxy anonymizer, and its own DNS, which will shorten complex addresses. It’s likely users will be able to pay for services through the German electronic payments platform, Wirecard, and the primary currency will be TON’s own cryptocurrency, Gram, writes independent Russian news outlet The Bell.

TON should be secure: the platform uses a cryptographic system that has been called “the most advanced system in existence today”. According to technical documentation, TON will encrypt everything. The founders of Telegram have repeatedly refused governments’ requests to give access to user data and there is no reason to suggest that their position vis a vis TON will be any different.

China is famously successful in preventing information from the current internet system from reaching its citizens, making Beijing’s communists the largest censors in the world with their ‘internet firewall’. Tens of thousands of Chinese censors toil to prevent Chinese citizens from finding out about the real world. TON technology could change that, releasing the spark of freedom back into the Chinese population.

The Russian government has been slowly clamping down on any freedom of speech or political opposition, passing a law recently to allow the government to further censor content in a ‘national emergency’.

Even in the West, where totalitarian forces such as Google, Facebook, and Leftist politicians seek to prevent the public from learning about conservative thought, the development could be an earth-shaking revolution.

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