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Russia Accuses US Of Staging Venezuelan Food Delivery As Front For Military Intervention

Russia Accuses US Of Staging Venezuelan Food Delivery As Front For Military Intervention

The Russian Foreign Ministry is accusing the United States of stoking the crisis in Venezuela and using food aid delivery a a pretext for military intervention.

The countries showing interest in solving the Venezuelan crisis should neither politicize humanitarian aid nor use it to “flex military muscles,” Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky told a ceremony of handing over Russia’s cargo with medicines and medical equipment to Venezuela in the framework of the World Health Organization (WHO), reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“The developments in Venezuela have recently dominated international media agenda,” the ambassador said. “In particular, the issues linked to delivering the so-called humanitarian assistance have been actively discussed. In this regard I want to underline that our country gives an example of how to solve this task in a civilized way.”

“We are not politicizing humanitarian assistance and are delivering it through well-known channels of respective international organizations,” the diplomat said. “I’m convinced that other countries declaring concerns over the situation in Venezuela should have acted in the same way, in any case without turning this purely technical issue into an apple of discord and more over not to flex their military muscles here.”

Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed to efforts by opposition leader Juan Guaido’s planned bid tomorrow to pick up US aid being stockpiled on the Colombian border, reported the Daily Mail. Guaido’s intentions to bring the supplies across the border are aimed at provoking clashes, she said, to provide ‘a convenient pretext for conducting military action’.

Zakharova alleged that the US had moved special forces and military equipment ‘closer to Venezuelan territory’ and was considering large-scale weapons purchases to arm the opposition.

‘It seems that in Washington there is nothing to mark the fifth anniversary of the coup d’etat in Ukraine, so they decided to hold a new coup d’etat,’ she said, wrote the Daily Mail.

It has been reported by Tsarizm that Russia has moved parts of its mercenary forces into Caracas to help protect Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The Kremlin also accused the United States of sending mercenary forces ‘in-country’ to help protect the political opposition and to bring down the Maduro government.

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