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Russian State Media Mocks AOC And Green New Deal…Paying Lazy Americans To Not Work

Russian State Media Mocks AOC And Green New Deal...Paying Lazy Americans To Not Work
Image by Donkey Hotey

Russian state-controlled media mocked Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal today describing the ‘complete reformation’ of American society that is coming and how the US will attempt to push its new-found Marxism on the rest of the world.

Titled ‘Paying Lazy Americans To Not Work’, Russian media outlet RIA Novsosti declared, “There are very serious reasons to believe that the Americans, as usual, as a minimum will advertise, and at most impose its new ideology around the world, so much so that its attractiveness is hard to overestimate: it offers economic utopia, even those who don’t want to work, must have guaranteed access to money, decent housing, clean food and other social benefits.

“The practice of color revolutions and successful financial pyramids indicates that a significant portion of the inhabitants of the planet, regardless of sex, age or nationality, are ready to believe in the most crazy promises if they sound quite convincing, and Utopia and the profits they are seductive enough.

“The policy is very similar to the show business in the sense that if all of a sudden out of nowhere appears young and attractive performer (songs or political slogans), swarming around the crowds of fans and in front of her suddenly opened the highest door is It means that somewhere there is a very rich and very influential producer.

“You don’t have to be a great Economist, to feel that the scheme, in which dollars are printed for payment all in vain, as well as for the construction of windmills and electric cars to replace the closed plant and banned cars with petrol and diesel engines is the way not to prosperity, but to economic collapse.”

Russia of all places has a long history with Marxism and communism. The ideologies all but destroyed Russian society, culture, and its economy within a short period of 70+ years. Russians know communism doesn’t work. It destroys the human spirit and people will only do enough to get by, leading to as the paper describe — economic collapse.

The Russian Federation is no longer communist, having experienced its horrific consequence of eventual repression and death; although, they are not much better off now under an oligarchy.

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