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Poland Elects Conservative President Andrzej Duda For Another Term, Extending PiS Reign

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Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has won another 5 year term in a hard-fought race. The victory cements the conservative PiS party reign for years to come. The party sees the win as a defeat for ‘progressive’ European elements attempting to install pro-LGBT and anti-family policies in Poland and Central Europe, to match the rest of the socialist EU.

It was a narrow victory, but the high turnout means President Duda won a clear mandate, the BBC’s Adam Easton reports from Warsaw. The president has the power of veto over legislation – and victory for Mr Duda’s rival, liberal centrist Rafal Trzaskowski, would have jeopardised PiS ambitions.

Mr Duda, 48, said he would continue strengthening the Polish state, “built on our inviolable tradition, which is sacred to all of us and in which we have been brought up for generations”.

Duda has vowed to protect Polish families from what he calls an imported “LGBT ideology” that he says is aggressively trying to sexualise Polish children, wrote BBC.

He came under fire during the election, including for a speech in which he said LGBT rights were an “ideology” more destructive than communism.

The European Parliament has brought legal action against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in order to force these nations to import migrants from Northern Africa and the Middle East. So far, the effort to force migration from Brussels has been unsuccessful.

The countries of the ‘Visegrad Group’, including Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, have tried to conserve their religious traditions in the face Leftist European government in Brussels.

Correction: We initially reported Duda was elected to a 3 year term. It is five years. It is 3 years until the parliamentary election which will decide if PiS stays in power.

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