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Georgia Has A New Prime Minister

Georgia Has A New Prime Minister

The Georgian Parliament voted for a new head of government with 98 for and 0 against. His name is Giorgi Gakharia, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, and the very person whose resignation has been demanded by activists for 3 months.  

Former PM Mamuka Bakhtadze resigned on September 2 and announced that his mission was achieved as the head of government and he was ready to leave. 

 “The purpose of my nomination for the position of Prime Minister of Georgia in 2018 was to create a strategic development framework for the country that would ensure the achievement of our state goals in the coming years and would serve as a guide for the country’s development. The development framework is created and therefore, I decided to resign as I think my mission is done in this phase,” Bakhtadze declared.

Giorgi Gakharia was nominated by the leading “Georgian Dream” Party for the position of Prime Minister. Georgians have been against him and thus the ongoing protests were re-energized with a new wave. 

The opposition blames Gakharia for the political events which started on June 20 in Tbilisi. On that day Russian deputy Segey Gavrilov gave a speech in the Parliament which created rage within the society. Clashes immediately started between police and protesters as a result of which many citizens were injured. Since then, demonstrations have been organized in front of the Parliament building, chanting “Shame on you!” “Gakharia, resign!”

Georgia Has A New Prime Minister

At the meeting with the opposition “National Movement” Party, Gakharia announced that he had no plans to go anywhere. “I will send you to hell. Georgians and voters will do that. You are an ordinary street opposition,” the new PM proclaimed in written text. 

Currently the demonstration of activists in front of Parliament continues. They even have brought sheep into the protest. At the last demonstration 3 people were arrested. 

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