Baltics Look For Help From EU With Belarusian Migrant Problem

Am 24.08.2021 besuchte Außenministe Alexander Schallenberg (L) die litauische Grenze zu Belarus. Anschließend gab es einen gemeinsame Pressekonferenz mit Außenminister Litauen Gabrielius Landsbergis (2.v.l.), Innenministerin Litauen Agne Bilotaite (3.v.l.) und Innenminister Karl Nehammer (4.v.l.).
Image by Österreichisches Außenministerium

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Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite wants help from the EU to deal with illegal migrant flow from Belarus. President Aleksander Lukashenko has used the migrant issue to pressure Baltic countries for EU sanctions impacting the other half of The Union State (Belarus).

“In such situations when there’s an extreme situation and illegal migrants are being used as an instrument to put pressure on countries, countries have the right to make such decisions the ones we have made in our national law, i.e., to prevent illegal entrance. That (entrance – BNS) could be done only legally via border checkpoints or other designated places,” Bilotaite told journalists on Tuesday, reported The Baltic Times.

“Yes, this measure should be legalized but, I want to stress, only under an extreme situation,” the minister added, asked whether she meant migrants push-backs on the border.

In her words, the EU rules also “should include an understanding that physical barriers are a necessary measure”.

“Currently, European institutions only support the introduction of border surveillance systems, and there’s no word about any physical barrier. And physical barriers, as a measure, need to be made mandatory and built, if necessary. Second, they should be funded from European funds as it’s not only a problem of individual member states,” the minister said.

The EU has had a schizophrenic attitude towards illegal migration – supporting it for preiphery countries through ‘progressive NGOs’ while becoming alarmed at its destructive consequences for member nations.

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