Lithuania Goes Full Denial On Chinese Intentions In Baltics

Lithuania Goes Full Denial On Chinese Intentions In Baltics
Photo of the Baltic Way published in Moteris magazine, 1989
Image by L. Vasauskas

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Lithuanian Transport and Communications Minister Marius Skuodis is smoking something. Skuodis took part in a remote 17+1 summit of China and Central and Eastern Europe on Tuesday and says he sees huge potential in the European Union’s cooperation with China, as well as bilateral cooperation in the areas of logistics and transport.

Skuodis is young and inexperienced. Or, he is getting paid. He is completely ignoring the predatory nature of Chinese investment and business practices.

Lithuania prides itself on being a staunch opponent of communism and the Russian threat to the east. The former Soviet republic is ignoring the dragon in the room, which will chew up the region and turn it into a Chinese vassal state.

“As a European Union member, we see huge potential in the European Union’s cooperation with China through the implementation of the EU-Chinese strategic agenda,” Skuodis said during the summit, reported The Baltic Times.

In his words, Lithuania places a lot of importance on bilateral relations with China, with major focus on transport and logistics.

Despite COVID-19’s impact on the global economy, rail freight volumes from China via Lithuania jumped almost five times in 2020, with similar volumes expected this year.

“Mutual economic benefit, open and transparent markets, equal business conditions – these are the principles that would allow swifter post-COVID-19 recovery of our national and regional economies,” the minister said.

The ignorance is shocking.

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Walkin O'Shea February 15, 2021 at 6:01 pm

I wonder how Lithuania will feel under China’s boot heel. You can bet once the door is opened a crack, it won’t be long before the house is owned by China.


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