Lithuania Drafts Law To Forbid Astravyets Power From Entering Market But ‘Won’t Break Neighbors Arms’ Over The Issue

Lithuania Drafts Law To Forbid Astravyets Power From Entering Market But 'Won't Break Neighbors Arms' Over The Issue
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The feud is still raging between the Baltic nation of Lithuania and the smaller half of The Union State — Belarus, over the Astravyets nuclear power plant which will soon be online producing electricity in the Baltic region. The Lithuanian government has gone so far as to draft a law preventing power from the facility from entering the common EU market in the Baltics.

Lithuania deems the facility unsafe and worries about a Chernobyl type incident in the neighboring state.

“We need to do everything until the coordination period to make sure that electricity from this power plant could technically not enter the Lithuanian market. A methodological change is also planned for that and I hope we will be able to endorse it together with the political declaration, but that’s a common decision of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and the European Commission,” Skvernelis told journalists at the parliament on Tuesday, wrote The Baltic Times.

“I hope it will be done. Breaking partners and neighbors’ arms is definitely not that path, despite some proposals that we should do that,” he added.

A draft agreement, produced by the Lithuanian Energy Ministry’s, on the entry of electricity produced in Astravyets into the Baltic states’ markets has sparked discussion in recent weeks as it does not oblige Latvia and Estonia not to buy electricity from Astravyets, added The Baltic Times.

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