No Meeting Between Leaders Of Kosovo And Serbia In Brussels

No Meeting Between Leaders Of Kosovo And Serbia In Brussels

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The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti stated that he will not have a meeting with Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic, after May 11 was mentioned as a potential date for such event in Brussels.

“I can’t attend a meeting for which I haven’t previously confirmed my participation,” Kurti told journalists on Wednesday, as he started a two-day visit in Brussels.

However, he confirmed a meeting with Balkan leaders organized by Josep Borrell, the EU top diplomat.

“What I can confirm is that I will come to Brussels for a working lunch or dinner hosted by Commissioner Borrell in mid-May, part of which are the leaders of the Western Balkans,” Kurti said.

Borrell had mentioned May 11 as a potential date for a Kurti-Vucic meeting in Brussels when he received the Serbian President earlier this week.

“We are doing our best to make the dialogue continue. We are going to have a meeting and a discussion with the new Prime Minister of Kosovo [Albin Kurti], who of course is not exactly new, because he was already Prime Minister when we started. I hope that we are going to have a new session of this Dialogue on the scheduled date – on 11 May,” Borrell told the media after his meeting with Vucic in Brussels on Monday.

Today, Kurti stressed that his Brussels visit aims at strengthening Kosovo’s relations with the EU.

“We need even more such strengthened relations between Pristina and the European capitals and such meetings of the region before we start the new chapter of the dialogue that, I empathize, should be well-prepared with principles as we do not have the comfort for new failures,” Kurti said.

The Prime Minister is set to meet the European Union’s high officials on Thursday where one of the topics to be discussed is the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. While it is reported that he will have a dinner with the EU envoy on Pristina-Belgrade dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak on Wednesday.

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