Russia To Open Defense Ministry Office In Serbia

Russia and Serbia are working to open a Russian defense ministry office in Belgrade.

A document seen by Reuters showed that the Russian ministry was authorized to proceed with opening the office. The document signed by Prime Minister Mkhail Mishustin said that the office would “assist in resolving military and technical questions over Russian-Serbian cooperation.”

The Serbian government also confirmed on Tuesday that it has launched related legal proceedings before they sign an agreement with Russia on the matter.

Once signed, the agreement would further strengthen relations between the two countries, providing among other things for Russian officials to visit Serbian army.

Serbia is Russia’s closest ally in the Balkans. The country has been consolidating relations with Russia and China, while it’s also working for membership in the European Union.

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martin barbara November 12, 2020 at 2:04 am

Poor Serbia….bombed by NATO (Bill Clinton)…I cant believe the war with Kosovo wasn’t started by Soros. Kosovo, a Christian area of Yugoslavia/Serbia, until Albanians (Muslims) had an average of 12 children Per family, and overpowered Serbia while Clinton and Aldrich had their eyes on Kosovo’s minerals. Now Serbia is being forced to accept China’s money. Can you imagine the Kosovo war was about 400 miles away and they bombed the capital, schools, hospitals!! There’s a statue of Bill Clinton in Kosovo and a store called Hillary! The Serbs were our allies in WW2.
There’s so much to know…


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