Dialogue With Serbia Exclusively For Mutual Recognition, Says Kosovo’s Negotiator

Dialogue With Serbia Exclusively For Mutual Recognition, Says Kosovo’s Negotiator

The Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is going to result either in mutual recognition or in no agreement at all, Kosovo’s negotiator Skender Hyseni has stated.

In an interview for Radio Free Europe, Hyseni stressed that the EU-facilitated dialogue is developing at a political level, not over technical issues.

“It’s not about technical talks or talks about specific issues […] It’s a purely political negotiation process aimed at reaching a final agreement with Serbia,” he said.

Hyseni said that talks should advance “very fast”, and result “exclusively in mutual recognition” for Kosovo.

He emphasized Kosovo’s unwavering position is “to have a legally binding agreement for mutual recognition guaranteed by international partners, or no agreement at all.” Kosovo’s territory and constitutional order are not to be discussed.  

Despite promises of chief negotiator Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti for transparency, Hyseni refused to give details of talks so far, adding that transparency on the dialogue should be expected only when they reach an agreement with Serbia.

“There’s nothing unknown here, except that, while we are in the negotiation process of elements of the comprehensive agreement, these issues require a minimum of diplomatic and political discretion,” he said.

“For the sake of the constructiveness and soundness of the process itself, a degree of diplomatic discretion is required until we reach a final text of the comprehensive agreement,” Hyseni concluded regarding transparency.

Kosovo’s expert negotiator added that instead of negotiating with Serbia, he is focused on negotiating with international partners. Asked on what compromises Kosovo could enter in order to get Serbia’s recognition, he replied:

“I have laid out the issue of dialogue in a rather different realm, and I am following the logic of “more dialogue with international partners […]” and I expect less from the direct confrontation [with Serbia].

Hyseni said he has successfully pushed international partners to have separate bilateral talks with Kosovo and Serbia, instead of trilateral meetings and negotiations.

He assured readers that the US is closely engaged in the process, and he will travel there on Saturday to meet with senior officials.

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