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Poland To Cut A Canal To The Baltic Sea To Prove Russia Has No Power Over Warsaw

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The head of Poland’s ruling political party, and the man analysts say has the real power in the Central European country, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, confirmed that Poland will cut a canal through an offshore narrow strip of land to provide access to the Baltic Sea for Polish ships leaving port, rather than cross through Russian waters.

Poland wants to dig the canal through a narrow strip of land that blocks the Vistula Lagoon on the north-east coast from the Baltic Sea. At present Polish ships leaving the lagoon from the port of Elblag have to pass through Russian waters to get to the open sea, writes The Telegraph.

“It is important for Poland’s status…In the end Poland needs to shed the last traces of being a dependent state. We need to show that that times Russia dictated what we could or not do on our territory are over,” said Kaczynski.

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Russia has been opposed to the project with stated ecological concerns. Poland sees that as disinformation. The real issue according to Kaczynski is control.

“They have always been opposed to it…attempt to block this strategic investment for Poland”, added the PiS leader.

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