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Iranian MP Berates Regime In Rare Show Of Truth In Iranian Parliament

Image by Armin Karami
Majlis, plenary meeting of 31 January 2018

In the Majlis (Iranian parliament) on September 4, 2018, Gholamreza Heydari, a representative from Tehran, in a rare show of truth, berated the Iranian regime for corruption and wasting the country’s future of futile terror efforts beyond its borders.

Below is the translated text of some of his remarks…


… Our dear Iran is in a peculiar situation. The people’s lives have become harder and harder on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic seems to have had a negative view of the world since the beginning of the revolution. This negative view of both domestic and international relations created tensions and is eliminating and excluding relations.

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… We occupied the US embassy, which was the starting point for sanctions and the war (with Iraq). We continued the war even after the conquest of Khorramshahr (when Iraq withdrew to the international borders) up to the point where Imam (Khomeini) accepted the ceasefire and said, “I drink the poisoned chalice”.

We had not finished the reconstruction of the war zones before we embarked on nuclear activities and spent so much, to reach to the point of “heroic flexibility” (referring to Khamenei’s speech when he authorized the nuclear talks with the West), the result of which was the acceptance of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The ink of the JCPOA was not dry yet when we fired missiles and gave an excuse for intensification of tensions.

We should talk honestly to the people: a sharp decrease in the value of the national currency and a sharp increase in prices, even for the most basic needs of life, shows that our country is not managed properly. Are we the world’s guardian that we want to rub everybody’s nose to the ground?

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… The way things are going, all of our economic structures are becoming more decadent on a daily basis and public faith is decreasing, also on the daily basis. There is a limit on how low the public trust can sink for those who govern the country. I pray the Lord that it will not get to a point where it will be irreparable.

…We should be vigilant. We should be vigilant that the mafia gangs who are running the financial institutions behind the scenes, smuggling goods, running up major bank debts, creating totally chaotic currency exchanges, and who were also were behind drowning in the pool (He is referring to rumors in the regime that Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former president and one of the stalwarts of the regime was actually drowned in a pool on January 2017) will not cause the whole system to face sudden suffocation.

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