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EU Council President Begs Trump To Not Wreck ‘New World Order’ That Enabled China And Created Globalist Europe

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EU Council President Donald Tusk, a frequent critic of the American president who intimated last week that America had ‘few allies’, berated POTUS about his trade policies while Trump was meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. To make the insult worse, Tusk did so while at an EU-Chinese summit where he praised China’s participation in the WTO, which has been disastrous for the United States which has seen its trade deficit with Beijing skyrocket.

Speaking before Trump and Putin were due to meet in Helsinki, European Council President Donald Tusk appealed for leaders to avoid wrecking a political and economic order that nurtured a peaceful Europe and developing China, wrote AP.

Tusk spoke at a news conference with China’s No. 2 leader, Premier Li Keqiang, following an annual EU-Chinese economic summit also attended by the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. They met amid mounting acrimony over Trump’s tariff hikes on goods from China, Europe and other trading partners.

EU Council President Tusk Bashes Poland In Public

“It is the common duty of Europe and China, America and Russia, not to destroy this order but to improve it, not to start trade wars which turn into hot conflict so often in our history,” said Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, reported Associated Press.

“There is still time to prevent conflict and chaos,” said Tusk. “Today, we are facing a dilemma — whether to play a tough game such as tariff wars and conflict in places like Ukraine and Syria, or to look for common solutions based on fair rules.”

It seems the EU, China, and Iran are pulling out all the stops to halt the Trump agenda of making America great again. For when you have your security and defense needs paid for by America, so you can import millions of migrants and give them all free stuff, and fund a generous welfare state, it makes sense to stop America from waking up to what has been really going on.

Poland Accuses EU Council President Tusk Of Treason

China agreed.

“Given the complicated and fluid international landscape, it is important for China and the EU to uphold multilateralism,” said Li. “Our summit is not directed at any third party,” he added.

Of course it is not, is it China?

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