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Confirmation Of Tsarizm Early Reporting, Russian Fighters Alleged Killed By US In Syria

In confirmation of what Tsarizm reported on the 9th of February, after an American airstrike in Syria on Islamist fighters shelling American-backed forces, Reuters now reports Russian citizens were killed by the American bombing of the pro-Assad positions.


“But at least two Russian men fighting informally with pro-government forces were killed in the incident in Deir al-Zor province, their associates told Reuters on Monday. One of the dead was named as Vladimir Loginov, a Cossack from Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave. Maxim Buga, a leader of the Cossack community there, said Loginov had been killed around Feb. 7 along with “dozens” of other Russian fighters. The other man killed was named as Kirill Ananiev, described as a radical Russian nationalist. Alexander Averin, a spokesman for the nationalist party he was linked to, told Reuters Ananiev had been killed in shelling in the same fighting on Feb. 7,” wrote Reuters.

“If there was large-scale loss of life of Russian citizens, the relevant officials, including the commander-in-chief of our armed forces (Putin), are obliged to tell the country about it and decide who carries responsibility for this,” Grigory Yavlinsky, a veteran liberal politician said in a statement released by his Yabloko party, added Reuters.

The incident seems to be a developing scenario of an American reset with Russia in the Middle East. There have been multiple incidents that suggest the Trump administration is becoming more aggressive against Russia and pro-Assad forces in the region. Tsarizm has reported aggressively on this subject.

Unlike Obama, Trump Wages Russian Reset With Teeth

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