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In A Bid To Putin, Orban Pays To Rebuild Russian Orthodox Church Community

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With the European Union attempting to force Hungary to destroy its historical, Christian culture and the security of its people, it is no wonder that Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to open the door somewhat to Moscow. In a bid to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Orban’s government has elected to provide money to the Russian Orthodox Community, even though the country is mostly Roman Catholic.

Hungary has only just over two thousand registered Russian Orthodox followers but has granted 2.4 billion forints ($9 million) in the budget to the renovating and building of Russian Orthodox churches, reports Reuters.

“This move is on the one hand a gesture toward Vladimir Putin, and the Russians, a small community living here in Hungary, but at the same time it really shows the … influence of Russia on Hungary,” said Peter Kreko, director of think-tank Political Capital, wrote Reuters.

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“On the western half of the continent, there is a strong anti-Russian sentiment … and anti-Russian politics has come into fashion,” Orban said at a joint news conference with Putin. “We had to defend our economic relations in this environment.”

“The cooperation is pragmatic from both sides, just they want different things: the Hungarian side wants primarily economic benefits … while the Russian side has primarily political and strategic motivations, which of course includes some long-term strategic economic position building,” said Andras Racz, an associate professor at Pazmany Peter Catholic University.

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The European Union is also prosecuting ‘infringement procedures’ against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for judicial reform, the prevention of Islamic economic refugees from entering the country, and ‘rule of law’ issues. Brussels is threatening to fine the ‘Visegrad Group’ of countries for their policies that are against the EU’s wishes.

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