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Hungary Recalls Dutch Ambassador After Comments From Netherlands

Peter Szijjarto
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Hungary lashed out at the Netherlands and took the extreme diplomatic step of recalling its ambassador over comments made by the Dutch government regarding Hungary’s stance on the EU’s demand that Eastern Europe, and Hungary in particular, allow hundreds of thousands of Islamic migrants to enter the country.

EU Deepens Its Own Crisis With Attacks On Hungary, Poland

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that Hungary’s decision was “one of the most radical steps in diplomacy” and demanded the Netherland’s leadership explain its position. The statements were made by Ambassador Gajus Scheltema, published Thursday in Hungary by the 168 Ora magazine, reported ABC News.

Scheltema compared Hungary’s attempt to preserve its culture and the safety of its people to the behavior of the Islamic State which has brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians across the Middle East and in through terror attacks in Western countries.

It is ironic that Western Europe sees Eastern Europe as terrorists for deciding to protect their people and their religious and cultural heritage from murderers who have reigned havoc throughout Europe, the latest example in Barcelona.

Hungary’s Border Wall Extremely Effective

The Netherlands attempted to walk back the comments. Dutch Foreign Minister Koenders said, “It is not right. That comparison should not be made.”

“There is no need for such unprecedented statements, neither in bilateral relations nor in Europe,” Kovacs said. “We decidedly reject (them) and we expect the Netherlands to take steps in this regard,” said Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs.

The European Union is also angry at Hungary for targeting the actions of billionaire, Marxist financier George Soros. Hungary accuses Soros of underwriting the migration of millions of Muslims from Africa to Europe through a network of NGOs in Libya and elsewhere in the region. Budapest has also attempted to reign in the agenda of Soros inside the country through the educational system.

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