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EU Court Orders Poland To Stop Logging In Bialowieza Forest

A European Union court ordered Poland to stop logging in its Bialowieza Forest, the last ancient forest left in the country. European Union’s Court of Justice made the decision and gave the Eastern European country till August 4th to explain to the European Commission its logging policy. The court said the ruling was temporary to allow the EU to permanently decide whether or not Poland can log on its own land.

“European authorities and environmental groups say the logging threatens the continent’s last unspoiled woodland, which is included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. They say the felling of trees, done with the use of heavy equipment, destroys the forest and the habitats of animals and other native species,” reported Associated Press.

Poland’s Environment minister Jan Szyszko said the logging was being done to protect the forest against an infestation of the bark beetle and local residents use the forest as a source of income. Environmental groups also accused the Polish government of the evil practice of making money.

Greenpeace, WWF, ClientEarth and other environmental groups issued a statement saying that “the increased logging, not bark beetle, poses a threat to the protected habitats and species and should be stopped immediately before the damage is irreversible,” reported AP.

The Polish government also said the logging was being done responsibly.

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