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Donbass Fighting Claims More Lives

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Both sides in East Ukraine accused each other of initiating violence that claimed at least one life and wounded at least seven others. The fighting took place in the Luhansk district of Donbass. The conflict in the east has been smoldering for three years now and flaring up intermittently as the Minsk peace accords have never been fully implemented.

The Ukrainian government’s press office for the operation in the east on Wednesday accused the rebels of planning an offensive and said its positions came under heavy shelling from large-caliber weapons in the morning. The press office reported widespread damage to civilian housing in the Luhansk region, reports Associated Press.

In Russian media, the government of Ukraine was accused of starting the fighting and sources declared at least ten dead. Russian media sources also stated the Ukrainian sources failed in their attacks. This information was unverified.

The conflict has killed over 10,000 people and Russia, along with rebel-held territories, continue to make policy that looks to possibly annex the region. Russia has accepted official documents from Donetsk and Luhansk and has facilitated the use of the ruble as the official currency in the pro-Russian areas.

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