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Poland Looks To Diversify Energy Supplies With US Natural Gas (LNG)

Poland Looks To Diversify Energy Supplies With US Natural Gas (LNG)

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish deputy prime minister, and economy minister, said the former member of the Warsaw Pact will attempt to diversify energy imports away from Russia to reduce that country’s ability to use energy as a weapon against the Polish people. The primary alternative to Polish energy supplies will be liquified natural gas (LNG) imported from the United States, who is now one of the world’s major producers of natty gas.

Morawiecki said the first deliveries from the U.S. could arrive in Poland’s port of Swinoujscie within 12 or 18 months, but that Poland would not buy it at “any price.”

Russia has threatened to cut off gas to Europe in the past and has used energy as a weapon against Ukraine, and most recently, Belarus. The two members of the Union State, Russia and Belarus, recently agreed to put the ongoing energy payment dispute behind them that has led to tension and increased border controls between the two historical allies.

When the American shale fields showed their prowess over recent years, Russian energy officials downplayed the possibility of U.S. LNG making an impact on European markets. This scenario seems to be changing.

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