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Pentagon Investigating If Russia Involved In Syrian Chemical Attacks

Pentagon Investigating If Russia Involved In Syrian Chemical Attacks

To add further fire to Middle East tensions, it was reported today that the Pentagon is investigate whether or not Russia was involved in the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians in Syria. Associated Press reports there were sightings of a drone over the chemical weapons target area and again over the hospital that was later bombed. Sources speculated that the hospital attack was an attempt to cover up evidence of
WMD use.

CNN is reporting that the aircraft used in the hospital attack was a Russia aircraft. The Khan Sheikhoun hospital was possibly bombed with the ‘aim of destroying evidence.

There are also reports of a small number of Russian military personnel at Sharyat airfield, the target of last nights American missile strike. If the chemical weapons were indeed loaded on Syrian aircraft at this location, as American intelligence believes, then the Russian personnel would possibly have known about the attack. The U.S. military said it ‘took pains’ to not hit the Russian troops, estimated to be less than 15.

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