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Hungary Wants To Force Foreign NGOs To Reveal Sources Of Funding

Hungary’s President Orban has made no secret recently of his interest in reducing the impact of Hungarian-born financier and philanthropist George Soros. The nationalist leader accuses Soros-funded organizations of attempting to weaken the authority of legitimately elected governments and support for a globalist, open borders agenda. This agenda is perceived to be furthered through the myriad of NGO’s, or non-governmental organizations, that Soros supports.

Russia kicked out Soros operatives long ago and now many nationalist-led countries in Europe are looking to do the same. Many of these NGOs are supported by Soros-friendly operatives inside the U.S. State Department, who were put in place by President Obama. These are the same people who have been fighting the agenda of newly-installed President Trump.

Lajos Kosa, parliamentary faction leader of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party, said Friday that the intention is to shed light on how the groups financed from abroad are trying to influence Hungary. Kosa said that draft legislation would be submitted to parliament next month, reports the Washington Post.

Corruption watchdog Transparency International’s local office, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee are those among named and targeted by the government for their activities.

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