Russia Says It Does Not Have Substantial Differences With US Over Iran Deal-Is A Deal Imminent?

February 10, 2017, Written by

Moscow Also Wants 'Recreational' Facilities Returned To Russian Diplomats

Russia says no difference with US on Iran deal

As the Trump foreign policy team takes shape in the United States, clues to future relations between the Russian Federation and the U.S. can be gleaned from statements from either side. A few days ago, we had the United States releasing FSB members in Moscow from sanctions enacted by the Obama administration. Today, the Russian ambassador to Washington said the two countries have similar policy in terms of Iran. We see a deal being put together behind the scenes with Russia by Trump along multiple fronts.

The sanctions relief for Putin’s inner circles was obviously very much desired by the Kremlin. Could the payoff be Russia’s help with Iran?

Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to Washington, was quoted as saying Russia does not have substantial differences with the United States over the Iran nuclear deal, reported the Reuters.
He also declared Moscow intended to conduct a dialogue with Washington over the Iran deal, and that those differences that did exist were of emphasis rather than substance.

The Russian ambassador also mentioned the Kremlin had requested that ‘recreational facilities’ used by Russian diplomats in the U.S. be returned to Moscow’s control. Obviously, another cog in the deal.

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