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Putin Signs Law To Ratify Turkish Pipeline Agreement

Putin Signs Nordstream Pipeline legislation

One of the reasons the blow up between Russia and Turkey did not last very long is that both sides realized the economic cost of bad relations was too much to bear. Turkey lost billions on tourism and farm exports. Russia lost a chance to move hydrocarbons around Ukraine. The fact that Russia depended on Ukraine to get gas to Europe simply was not a sustainable situation for the Kremlin.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed legislation into law authorizing construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline. This comes on the heels of a budding bromance between Turkish President Erdogan and Putin.

“The Turkish Stream project envisages the construction of a natural gas pipeline via the Black Sea to the European part of Turkey to be further extended to the border with Greece. The seabed section is about 910 kilometers and the mainland section through Turkey is 180 kilometers. Previously the project was estimated at 11.4 bln euro. It is supposed that gas supplies via the first line will be totally aimed for the needs of the growing Turkish market,” writes Russian State News Agency TASS.

Turkey plays a crucial role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance, defending its southern flank. The United States has stored nuclear weapons at Incirlik Air Base in the past, although the recent coup may have changed that situation. It is assured that as ties between Moscow and Ankara deepen, there will be many sleepless nights in Brussels at NATO headquarters.

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