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Georgia Leading Corruption Battle In The Region

Georgia’s score in the Corruption Perception Index is 57 and is ranked 44th among 176 countries. Georgia remains the leader among former Soviet states, with the exception of the Baltics.

The Corruption Perception Index lists countries based on how corrupt the countries’ public sector is. On a scale from 0 – highly corrupt, to 100 – very clean.

Georgia’s CPI score was 52 in 2012, 49 in 2013 and 52 again in 2014 and 2015.



Under the leadership of President Saakashvili, Georgia took dramatic action to reduce corruption.

Back in 2004 Shortly after President Saakashvili took office, his administration dismissed 85% of the police force – its most corrupted post soviet legacy. Since that time anti-corruption efforts have resulted in the arrests of former officials and the radical reduction of state bureaucracies.

The Saakashvili administration anti-corruption efforts immediately decreased the largest source for daily corruption among the population. Since then, Georgia remains a leader in the anti-corruption battle in the Caucasus region.

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