The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Ministry Of Truth Media Spins Its Web On Charlottesville

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Why Charlottesville Changed Everything

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Opening Salvos Of The 2nd American Civil War…Lenin Would Be Proud

Opinion: Poland Angers East And West

Opinion: Restrain Qatar To Counter The Shia Hegemon In The Middle East

Opinion: Congress May Regret Tying Trump’s Hands On Russia

American Conservatives Shouldn’t Be Putin’s Useful Idiots

Opinion: The Hi-Tech Traditionalist-Make Ukraine Russia Again

Make Ukraine Russia Again: Why The US Must Support The Re-Integration Of The Ukraine Into Russia

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Opinion: East Ukraine Becomes A Pawn Again

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: It’s Time to Slaughter the Last Republican Scared Cow and Talk Universal Healthcare

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to be Mikhail Gorbachev

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist…Putin: Stalin or Lincoln?

Putin’s First Real Challenge To Trump

HAWK High Power Illuminating Radar

Putin’s First Real Challenge to Trump: Why Russia’s vow to illuminate all Coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates is a dangerous escalation for global security

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Opinion: The Time Is Right For A Deal With Russia

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Free Speech Hoax

Russia Plays A Double Game In Tense Korean Crisis

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Putin Takes An Orthodox Route To Cement Power

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