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Russian Media Hails Infowars As The New Black

alex jonesSummary of article from Russian media station, Tsargrad TV…

Under the heading “Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who helped Trump win” and the subheading “how an independent media portal outsmarted the MSM,” they reflect on the fact the MSM in the West and specifically in the US are hopelessly infected by liberalism and incapable of truthfully reporting the news. They comment on the MSM’s total failure up to the last minute to predict anything but a total win for Hillary and then pivot to talking about Alex Jones as a passionate documentary journalist who has made a career of exposing liberal media lies.

Following is a quote from Alex on how Hillary was the left’s must win, their “Stalingrad”.

They mention that Alex is a warrior against the globalist elites and enjoys being hated by them. There are a couple of quotes from Alex along these lines.

In summary they say that alternative media like Infowars is likely to play a much bigger role from now on.

alex jones

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