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Clinton Foundation’s Largest Foreign Donor Revealed, And Surprise! He’s Ukrainian

Clinton Foundation Largest Donor Pinchuk
Photo by David Shankbone
The identity of the Clintons’ “charitable” foundation’s (The Clinton Foundation) largest foreign donor has now been revealed as that of the Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

According to the Wall Street Journal, between the years 1999 and 2014 Ukrainian donors contributed to the Clinton Foundation USD 10 million and the largest donor is Victor Pinchuk.

And this is the least of it because according to the New York Times Pinchuk alone contributed to the fund roughly USD 13 million since 2006.

Numerous earlier publications have revealed close ties between the Clinton and the Pinchuk families within the framework of activities related to “Antispeed”, a charitable foundation operated by Pinchuk’s wife Elena.

How can it be possible to hope that Ukraine will put an end to corruption and oligarchy when the key partners of local oligarchs are the candidate for the presidency of the US and representatives of American elites of the highest rank? Hence the war on corruption and oligarchy in the Ukraine is nothing but a banal imitation from start to finish.

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