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Prime Minister Wins Presidential Elections In Serbia

Alexander Vučić Won The Elections By 55%
President Elect Of Serbia, Alexander Vučić

Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vučić announced his victory in the presidential election, saying that his win was “as clean as a tear”. Alexander Vučić defeated his opponents on Sunday, gaining more than 55% of the vote. According preliminary data, Vucic garnered about 55-59% of the vote, which will ensure his victory in the first round.


In all, 11 candidates fought for the presidency of Serbia. None of the rivals of Vucic gained more than 14% of the vote.


“This is a very important day for us, and it is very important that he showed the direction in which Serbia wants to go, it is very important that the victory is as clean as a tear,” Vučić said in front of supporters at the election headquarters.


The prime minister said that he scored 12% more votes than all the other candidates put together, and he is proud of it. Answering the question about the first concrete steps after taking office, the politician said that he would just continue to work.


The result marked a political humiliation for Serbia’s opposition parties, which say Vucic’s rule is increasingly autocratic.


Vucic made clear his change of job would not alter the former Yugoslav republic’s geopolitical balance between the European Union, which Vucic wants Serbia to join, and Russia, with which Serbs share their Orthodox Christian faith and Slavic heritage.

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