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Kudrin Says Russia Must Settle Political Differences With West For Economic Growth

Kudrin says Russia must settle political differences with West for economic growthFormer Russian Finance Minister Kudrin says Russia must settle political disagreements with other countries in order to reach desired economic growth rates, reports Russian state news agency, TASS.

“I am confident we will settle political discord with other countries over time and will openly trade and develop relations, including mutual investments with the East and the West. This is inevitable, considering high growth rates we want to achieve,” Kudrin said.

Kudrin is widely accredited for saving the Russian economy during the 2008 financial crisis and paying down most of Russia’s foreign debt, leaving it very well positioned as the crisis came to a close.

Kudrin also said Russia receives much needed technology from the West as do many other economies. The lack of interaction with the West economically is hurting Russia’s economy and slowing growth.

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