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Outgoing Moldovan President Refuses To Apologize To Transdniester Over War

The pro-EU leader of Moldova, President Nicolae Timofti, reacted to comments from pro-Russian president-elect, Igor Dodon, that Moldovan officials should apologize to the residents and officals of the separatist region of Transdniester on the Ukrainian border.

President-elect Igor Dodon more often surprises the public opinion by statements that can generate a return to a depressing moral-spiritual state in society. In the political sphere, there are sensitive subjects that cannot be treated categorically and unilaterally. If someone does this, they should assume the consequences. “One of the provoking statements applying to the Nistru war combatants, families that lost fathers and sons in battle and the state authorities is the one about the apologies that Chisinau should offer to Transnistria,” said Nicolae Timofti, reports IPN.

Moldova has experienced civil unrest after the current government suffered a loss of 20% of the country’s financial assets to a bank fraud scheme that rocked the Moldovan political scene. The pro-EU government subsequently lost to the presidential election to the pro-Russian candidate.

“During the four months of battles on the battlegrounds in Cocieri, Cosnita and Tighina, a lot of blood was given for defending the national independence and territorial integrity. Why should we apologize now? For the fact that we didn’t betray our ideals and wanted to defend our constitutional regime?” Timofti continued.

“It is difficult, but not impossible to be the President of all the people, to take into account their wishes and not to discredit the regulations and the Constitution of the country.”

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