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Czech President Offers Troops To Help Guard Bulgarian-Turkish Border

Bulgarian Turkish borderOne of the major problems with the European migrant crisis is migrants taking advantage of non-Schengen, poorer country’s borders in order to reach richer members of the European Union. Czech President Milos Zeman wants to do something about that and says his country and the entire European Union should help Bulgaria guard its border with Turkey in efforts to stop migrants.

Fences alone cannot stabilize the situation as Hungary and others have found. It takes manpower and Bulgaria may not have enough personnel to do an effective job.

After meeting his Bulgarian counterpart, Rosen Plevneliev, on Monday, Zeman said details of the Czech deployment in Bulgaria are already being worked out, reports the Associated Press. The Czechs sent 50 police officers to Hungary to help guard the border with Serbia on Monday and previously also deployed dozens of officers in Greece, Slovenia and Macedonia, again reports AP.

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