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Russia To Develop Teleportation By 2035

Russia teleportationBeam me up Scotty! Russia plans to spend a lot of money (trillions of rubles) in an attempt to develop teleportation by the year 2035. The effort comes as part of a long-range plan to boost Russian scientific output and the nascent, domestic, information technology industry.

“It sounds fantastical today, but there have been successful experiments at Stanford at the molecular level,” Alexander Galitsky, a prominent investor in the country’s technology sector, told Russia’s Kommersant daily on Wednesday. “Much of the tech we have today was drawn from science fiction films 20 years ago.”

In 2014, scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands showed for the first time that it was possible to teleport information encoded into sub-atomic particles between two points three metres apart with 100% reliability, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Russia has a long history of successful cyber attacks against foreign governments and corporations alike. It seems the Kremlin wants to turn this expertise into a successful money-making enterprise as well. With Russia’s main export, hydrocarbons, having been shown to be a unreliable revenue source as the price of crude collapsed, the Kremlin’s IT effort seems well-advised.

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