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New Book ‘Madoff Talks’ Is The Authoritative Source On One Of History’s Most Notorious Ponzi Schemes

New Book ‘Madoff Talks’ Is The Authoritative Source On One Of History’s Most Notorious Ponzi Schemes
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On the morning of December 11, 2008, prominent New York attorney Ike Sorkin was at a nursery school in Washington, D.C., watching his granddaughter play. Around 9:30 a.m., his cell phone rang. It was a client, Bernie Madoff, whose first words were, “I’m handcuffed to a chair at FBI headquarters. I need your help.” Sorkin later recalled, “By the time he called me on the phone that morning of the 11th, he had already confessed to the FBI. I had no idea why he’d been arrested.”

That vignette, related in Madoff Talks (McGraw-Hill Education), a new book by Jim Campbell publishing April 27, reveals much about Madoff and about the book. A lawyer telling anecdotes about his client? Attorney-client privilege forbids it, but Madoff, from prison in North Carolina, had waived privilege and given Sorkin permission to talk to Campbell. Madoff’s wife, Ruth, also talked to Campbell, as did his son Andrew, many of Bernie’s former employees, the lawyers of some who were charged, the FBI agent who led the investigation, forensic finance consultants, and many others who have not spoken to any other author or journalist writing about history’s largest and most devastating Ponzi scheme. Most important, Madoff himself exchanged email with Campbell and sent him long, handwritten letters, all from prison…

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