The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Russia & America-The Art Of Winning & Losing Against All Odds

In these pages yesterday, I wrote about the Admiral Kuznetsov, an aging Russian cruiser Popular Mechanics called “Russia’s Sad, Smokey Aircraft Carrier” and the reason it lost two modern aircraft valued at a minimum of $30 million each to the depth of the Mediterranean. In a separate piece yesterday, I analyzed the Russian offensive in Aleppo (winning) and the American offensive in Mosul (losing).

The image of the Kuznetsov, straight out of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood flick a la Waterworld, spewing black diesel fumes into the atmosphere (can’t they get a catalytic converter for Putin’s sake?!) in no way conjures images of winning. And the sad fact that they keep seeding the floor of the Mediterranean with their top of the line jets doesn’t help.

Enormous, nuclear powered American carriers are the very image of inevitable victory. It simply is an incontrovertible fact that no military in the world can oppose their might. And yet in the global war on radical Islam Russia is winning and America is losing.

In the Middle Eastern theater of operations, Russia is achieving its stated objective of keeping Bashar Al-Assad in power and giving the Shia axis comprised of Assad’s own Allawite sect, the Iranians, and the Lebanese Hizballah the upper hand over the Sunni axis of elements of Al-Qaeda and Jabhat An-Nusra. America is losing its bid to retake Mosul from ISIS and restore Iraqi government control over most if not all of the territory of pre-invasion Iraq.

On the domestic front, it has been a number of years now since Russian civilians came under attack from Islamic extremists on Russian soil. In America, Islamic extremist attacks are now so frequent that they are becoming to use a newly in vogue word, normalized. Simply put this means that right now American citizens are in much greater risk of being slaughtered by a radical Muslim in their place of business or pleasure than Russians.

Hence the inescapable conclusion: Russians are winning where they should be losing and Americans are losing where they should be winning. This begs the question: why? The answer is no mystery; winning is simply not an objective of the Obama administration and hence American armed forces are simply not given the order to win. Obama’s globalist agenda is to maintain constant low-level conflict abroad and a constant feeling of insecurity at home. For the reasons to these odd objectives and how the new Trump administration is going to radically change the picture, please tune in to my next column.

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