What’s At Stake For U.S. In Ukraine Presidential Election? Nothing

What's At Stake For U.S. In Ukraine Presidential Election?   Nothing
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To answer the question — what is at stake for the United States in the poll that will determine whether incumbent President Petro Poroshenko or comedian Volodymyr Zelensky runs Ukraine for the next several years? Nothing.  

I love the Ukrainian people, at least those I have met in the western part of the country. They are warm and friendly. However, that is not the point when it comes to geopolitics and the Great Game.

 We are talking about very Eastern Europe, almost Central Asia. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, although Stalin attempted to exterminate the population before the Second World War, and succeeded in killing about 20 million of them. It is also the birthplace of the Slavic nation; Moscow owes its roots to Kievan Rus and Vladimir the Great. 

When it comes to competition for the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people, and the ability to influence Ukrainian government policy — it simply is not our fight. We can aid, we can help, we can give them moral, financial, even certain military capabilities to help them defend themselves, but to say Ukraine is the lynchpin for the future of the West is a farce.  

France, whose culture is being destroyed, and where values like freedom, and the rule of law, are being replaced with globalist, Sharia, open border dictates, is a different story. Paris is essential to the West, but it is dying, as the fires of Notre Dame so eloquently portrayed. We should be much more concerned about that.

How can the United States be worried about saving the Monroe Doctrine, as we very well ought to be as Russian and Chinese forces flood into Venezuela, if we are hypocritically moralizing about Ukraine, which sits on Russia’s border?

This is obviously something the Ukrainian government doesn’t want to hear, a government which has been also obviously conniving to read the tea leaves before and during the Trump presidency, and acting accordingly with its machinations with the American Deep State.  

Ukraine is not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), nor should it become part of the alliance. That would be a foolish, buffoonish, historical mistake. Why in God’s name should we put the lives of American men and women on the line for a nation that is literally the birthplace of the Russian people? Insanity.  

On that note, further NATO expansion is also madness. Bringing in more nations like Albania, which is corrupt as they come, is not in our national interest.  

As anyone who reads my columns knows, I call out Kremlin behavior consistently. It is aggressive, anti-freedom and tyrannical. However, Moscow is not about to invade Europe.  

It can’t. Its economy is the size of Italy’s. Yes, they have nuclear weapons, but the Kremlin is not an existential threat to America — they are geopolitical adversaries. China is another story. That is who we should be focused on and thank goodness President Trump is very focused, where former presidents ignored to the detriment of our great country.

So, the building narrative that the outcome of the elections on April 21st are critical to the West is a lie. But someone wants you to think it is.  

Perhaps these are the same people who wanted you to think Mr. Trump is a Russian agent. Perhaps these are the same people who wanted Hillary Clinton to become president. Perhaps these are the same people who want our country to be invaded from the southern border.  

Perhaps these are the same people who sold the Lincoln bedroom to the highest Chinese bidder.

Yes, they want you to keep your eye on Ukraine, their so-called center of the geopolitical universe — all the while ignoring tens of thousands of Chinese spies in the United States, the militarization of the South China Sea, economic warfare against our corporations and innovation, and Chinese operations to buy up infrastructure around the world.  

What happens on the 21st of April in Ukraine doesn’t matter to the United States. What happens in the current trade negotiations with Beijing does.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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