We Won The Cold War Battle, But Are Losing The Communist War

We Won The Cold War Battle, But Are Losing The Communist War
Cover of Bezbozhnik, 1920s-1930s Soviet atheist magazine Bezbozhnik u stanka – With the steam shovel of socialistic upbuilding we will throw every thing that hinders our victorious progress toward Communism into the garbage pile

America is staring into the abyss….the abyss of communist dictatorship. We won the Cold War against this destructive ideology, but then we took our eye off the ball, big league. We are losing the war.

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Take a look around you. Today, our Judeo-Christian heritage is condemned by the Marxist opposition. Our Constitution is disrespected. Our children have become infected with this cancer in our universities. Our legacy, corrupt media is in the tank for China and a socialist future. People who don’t share our values, culture, or historical perspective are flooding our great nation illegally. This was all the plan of course.

We truly are in perilous times. The republic is in extreme peril.

Right now the only bulwark against this Red Tide is a man named Donald J. Trump. He cannot do it all alone.

My fellow Americans, it is time to rise. It is time to rise up against this evil. The Constitution of the United States, created by our Founding Fathers, despite their flaws, is the greatest single experiment ever conducted in human governance. We became the shining city on the hill. The world saw America as a beacon of freedom, a light in the darkness, a way out of communist repression.

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Our youth are unfortunately too ignorant of the past to see the danger. We have to teach them. We have to confront the historical lies they have been taught. It is time to have that conversation, no matter how difficult it is. It’s called tough love.

However, immediately we must confront what is happening to President Trump. We must confront the censorship by big-tech. We must take to the streets to save our great nation.

Complaining on Twitter or Facebook is not enough. If you care about your children’s future, then do something about it in your own way. It’s time to get serious. If 100 million patriotic Americans did so, we could still solve our problems. If not, they you can kiss that shining city goodbye.

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