There Is No Way Dems Can Win With 36% Black Support For Trump-There Is No Blue Wave

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Late last summer Rasmussen came out with a poll that showed support for President Trump had reached one third of black voters, or 36%. With these kind of numbers, there is no way the Democrats can win in November. It is mathematically impossible.

This is what the Leftists in America are really afraid of…minorities getting ‘woke’ to Donald Trump’s success. With the economy roaring and black unemployment at record lows, a rise in black and Hispanic support is simply inevitable.

Of course the corrupt media roared that this was a fake poll and that the numbers were not true. This is the same media that pushed false polls prior to the 2016 election showing Trump was behind Hillary Clinton.

But let’s cut that number in half; let’s say black support for Trump is only in the high teens? That still is enough to push Republicans over the top in November.

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Of course, it all depends on the individual House districts. This is where the crux of the matter shows itself – turnout. Turnout will decide the November elections and whether or not America is saved or destroyed. The choice is that stark and the consequences that material.

Get out and vote. Make sure you are registered to vote. Get five or ten people to go with you.

It matters this time.

There is no blue wave. It is a lie. It is time to finally take America back from the Neo-Bolshevik commies.

Failure is not an option.

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