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On The Eve Of Another Prime Minister, Iraqis Discuss Their Experience In Protests

Interviews with KAREEM BOTANE

What follows are three interviews conducted in the streets of southern Iraq during the period leading up to the failure of Mohammed al-Allawi to form a government. They were recorded and quickly transcribed, as such they appear in rough and unvarnished. We have left them in their original. They present a picture of the uncertainty and rumors circulating in central and southern Iraq in late February 2020.

Mahammad Dabour, 29, Technical to Production. I am a worker in Iraq. I graduated in 2017. I am activist at demonstration in Wasit. I am social activist and activist coordinator between Baghdad and Wasit. I participated the demonstration since 1st of October, first week I was in Baghdad after that I came back to Wasit (Kut) for different reasons. Then, in 25thof October, a new wave of demonstration has begun me with my colleagues…

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