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Increasing Evidence Of Iran’s Role In Crackdown On Protests In Iraq

Increasing Evidence Of Iran's Role In Crackdown On Protests In Iraq
Iraqi protests from Tahrir square 25 October 2019
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Iraq’s month-long protests have led to more than 200 deaths, mostly of protesters killed by Iraqi Security Forces and paramilitary units. Among the worst offenders have been snipers linked to pro-Iranian groups. What began as a spontaneous protest in early October re-appeared on October 25 with massive marches and clashes in central and southern Iraq. Millions have participated. Although Iraq’s President and some other officials have said Iraqis have a right to protest, the official line has not been followed on the ground. This disparity in treatment of the protests appears to indicate a growing Iranian role in suppressing them.

Protesters have targeted Iran’s consulate in Karbala and burned the offices of many political parties and militias linked to Iran. This includes the offices of Badr in Kut and Asaib Ahl al-Haq in Maysan on October 25, for example…

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