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Rubizhne! Ukraine Soldiers Surrendered And Confess Ukraine’s Mass Murders

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Editor’s Note – we have no way of knowing if this video is true or just manufactured propaganda. However, we also are VERY sure both sides of the story need to be told and the reader can make his own decisions about what is actually happening in Ukraine. We have both sides angry at CDMedia so we must be doing something right.

This is the same scenario playing out across Ukraine today. When the Russian army leaves an area, Azov or groups associated with it like the Ukrainian National Guard are murdering civilians suspected of contact with Russian troops.

These soldiers were in Rubizhne and claim they refused to shoot civilians. They were thrown into a hole to wait for judgment and escaped. After making their way through the front lines, they surrendered to Russian and Lugansk People’s Republic soldiers and told their story.

This is the same story that played out in Bucha as well. It is ongoing in Ukraine today. 

According to the narrative, the Russian army killed 132 people found in several mass graves in Makariv, a suburb of the capital Kyiv. According to an unconfirmed report by a Ukrainian television station, the civilians were shot by Russian soldiers.

The governor of the Ukraine-controlled part of the Lugansk region is calling the mayors of Rubizhne, Stanytsia Luhanska, and Markiva traitors who are now working for Russia and have committed treason against their own country. The regions are currently occupied by Russia. President Zelenskyy fears that “even more terrible things could happen” than the crimes in Bucha. “More deaths and torture” could happen there, said Zelensky.

In the town of Liman, Kramatorsk region, Ukraine has detained and tortured 837 people accused of pro-Russian views. What does this really mean?

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The people in Liman quite possibly had white armbands or no armbands on signifying they were not a threat. Some of the possibly accepted food packages from Russian soldiers like in Bucha, so they are traitors by Zelensky’s advisor, Anton Gerashenko’s standards.

As more and more information comes out of Rubizhne, Zelensky’s part in ordering the murders of his own people is becoming apparent.

Now we have witnesses in the form of Ukrainian National Guardsmen detailing nationalist groups bringing Ukrainian civilians to be murdered at the hands of Ukrainian army personnel. How much more do we need to know?

According to local Intel, Ukraine is bringing up more Tochka U missiles and planning another attack on refugees trying to leave. This time the target looks like Lozovaya train station. The serial numbers off the Kramatorsk missile were recovered and match at least 5 other Tochka U’s fired into residential areas of cities across Donbass over the last 7 years. If these are war crimes, Joe Biden’s administration and Democrats are responsible for this. 

You can see the video of the Ukrainian soldiers’s confession below:

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Jerry Mander April 18, 2022 at 11:05 am

Ukraine is governed by Globalists, and they would commit these slaughters, but the Russians are the invaders and we all saw the video of the Russian tank swerving to deliberately run over an old man’s car, who miraculously survived. The Russians are bombing all the civilian areas. So my take is that whoever killed these people, the Russians are responsible because THEY ARE THE ATTACKERS. Therefor all the deaths are their fault.

ejeff April 18, 2022 at 11:17 am

Jerry- That video you saw of the “tank” rolling over a car turned out to be Ukrainian I believe. A significant portion of Ukrainians in certain areas of Ukraine are Russian, particularly the eastern sections, and northeast. So just like the Palestinians use their citizens as human shields, and stage citizen deaths for propaganda purposes, it is possible and likely Ukrainian militia groups, like the Azovs, are doing the same thing. And you are saying, “that’s OK, because it’s still Russia’s fault?” Yes, that is how propaganda works.

z April 18, 2022 at 12:31 pm

Ukraine is corrupt for sure. Having bought a few US leaders doesnt prove they are governed by globalists though lol. Russia sure claims this. Need some context though. Russia kept ukraine on its knees for centuries. Since putin was first in office he insisted he would retake them. In 2013 mass protests raged across Ukraine after their russian backed leader failed to sign an agreement alligning them closer to the EU. He KILLED hundred of protestors at russias very public insistence they needed to shut the protests down. So we have a very clear and public trail making it obvious russia controlled them and that their major companies and governmental leaders run it like the oligarchs in russia. There is no similar proof ukraine was beholden to western leaders. The opposite actually as they are known to have bribed and paid off western leaders to gain influence. We know the globalists hated Trump, but ukraine was buying them off, biden, pelosi, romney, kerrys kids all on their take. We also know obama only sent ukraine non lethal aide. Trump sent them actual lethal aide, and before the invasion biden had reverted to only giving non lethal aide. If it was up to the globalist ukraine would have fallen quickly to russia. Some of you just arent paying attention to all the details. Just the ones that support your assumptions. As to the above claims. No person with a memory puts any stock into it. EVERY russian conflict has them capturing people who say everything bad blamed on russia was secretly the other side.

Steven April 19, 2022 at 1:31 am

Have to agree.
Biden is desperate for the Russians to win since Russian Federation is actually representing the US at the negotiations with the Iranians in Austria to re-enact the Iran nuclear deal.
Likely the price to the US of the Iranian nuclear deal will be cutting support for Ukraine, and forcing defeat with Ukraine forced to pay reparations to Russia to enable it to rebuild its military, and become a member state of Russia Federation.
This will essentially be a repeat of the US Afghanistan withdrawal.
Biden needs this so he can claim success in re-enacting the Iran Nuclear Deal, for political purposes to show some achievement by his administration for re-election.
He also will continue forcing shut down of the fossil fuel industry in the US and force adoption of wind and solar to continue the global warming priority of his administration.
He also will continue cutbacks of the US defense industry and armed forces, and likely will deauthorize Nordstream 2, supplying Russian gas to Germany while Germany reverts back to token defense spending at Putin’s insistence.
Likely in the long game, the Russian (Putin/Chinese (Xi), power bloc along with Syrian, Iranian, Indian, N. Korean supporting elements will win or at least gain heavy concessions from the US, UK, EU, as well as Japan in the Far East, while Middle Eastern countries, the Gulf states, S. and Central American and African states will go with whatever side they see as advantageous.

Steven April 19, 2022 at 1:34 am

Correction:I meant the Biden administration, along with Germany, will likely re-authorize the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany.

H2O April 18, 2022 at 2:30 pm

Jerry, don’t get fooled by Ukrainian propaganda. Just because the leftist one world order idiot know-nothing western piss poor of an example media AMPLIFY their every claim, doesn’t mean that it is necessarily true. As for Ukraine being on its knees? Yes, Stalin killed many people both Ukrainian and Russian with his forced collectivization of all the farmland. Millions died. But, did you know that Ukraine is actually the BIRTHPLACE of Russia and that KIEV was the ORIGINAL Russian capital? I am going to take that as a no. The only Reason Moscow came to replace Kiev as the Russian capital was because it was further away from the marauding MUSLIM armies (Mongols, Tartars, & Turks). Why is it that Russia and Ukraine are different today from when Kiev was the Russian capital? Because it took centuries for the Russians to reconquer their homeland from the Muslims. Many of the differences between the Ukraine and Russia are the result of that prolonged reconquista. See Spain as another example. It took them over 700 years to drive out the Muslim invaders. When they finally did, Columbus sailed.

z April 18, 2022 at 9:11 pm

Yikes, bizarre mindset. russia spent centuries trying to recolonize ukraine with the mindset you highlight. Their histories diverged when what we now call ukrainians stayed and what we now call russians ran from the mislims. This doesnt mean russia gets to own them. since russia still had czars they posited this idea. It was always disgusting and silly.

Z April 18, 2022 at 12:13 pm

LOL you have to be very simple to believe this. Russia forces captured people to say similar in every conflict.

H2O April 18, 2022 at 2:33 pm

Sure Z. But if Russian soldiers get captured in the Ukraine and say something negative about Putin or Russia, it is true! (Sarc on)

z April 18, 2022 at 9:07 pm

I certainly never said that. although I do believe them about having low morale and supplies based on ukraine being able to decently stand against them so far.

NoneOfThisIsReal April 18, 2022 at 12:36 pm

Since Zelensky was a known power-mad scumbag who imprisoned or killed his opposition and shut down opposition media before Russian invaded, I think it safe and fair to assume that he still is that same power-mad scumbag. His is no hero; he is a tyrant. Only equally scummy people would choose sides in this invasion, as it were. Hence, the ruling class elites and globalists have chosen Ukraine to back as the poor helpless victims – despite that Ukraine’s ruling class got that Nation into this thing in the first place. The only victims of war, including this one, are the people who have no say, whom the ruling elites use for their political and financial purposes without concern. Zelensky is as big a phony as Biden and his Obama administration who currently unlawfully have seized power in the USA.

Steven April 19, 2022 at 1:49 am

I don’t know much about Zelensky, but he is speaking for his people, doing what he can to mobilize the defense of his country, and tried to avoid provoking Putin into invading his country.
At this point, I would have to assess his character and performance as outstanding, if not astounding.
He is mobilizing support for defense against a country with a military ten times the size of Ukraine’s and has inflicted significant casualties on Putin’s army.
Putin is a murderer, his weapon being the Russian military. There is no question he is in command of the military and has the full control of the power of the Russian government.

rick April 18, 2022 at 12:43 pm

When Russia asked the U.N. security council to investigate these atrocities, the U.K. refused. Why is that?

Steven April 19, 2022 at 1:59 am

There were news reports a Christian relic, a fragment of the True Cross, or the cross Jesus was crucified on, was carried in the chapel on board the Russian missile cruiser, flagship of the Russia fleet, Moskva.
Whether from a fire from stowed ammunition, or Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missiles, the burning ship went down in a storm when they were trying to tow it to port.
Perhaps a coincidence, a warship carrying a relic of the True Cross on board explodes or burns and then goes down in a storm.


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