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The globalist progressives had the worst BAD HAIR DAY of their lives.

Orbán Viktor beszéde 2022. március 15-én. Kossuth tér, Budapest
Image by Elekes Andor

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The Hungarian Nation defeated the DWW, the Deviant WOKE World, single-handedly.

Hungary will not take a knee. 

The People voted for whom they wanted – anyway.

The PM’s win has a constitutional majority and legitimacy greater than any of Hungary’s critics. It is a mandate, a win that can change the constitution!

Viktor Orbán won by a margin no Western European leader can hope for – a crushing victory over a joint six party opposition and millions in dark money.

“We have scored a victory so big that it can be seen from the Moon, and definitely from Brussels,” said the PM.

Hear Hungarian voices celebrating it in this beautiful production. LYRICS IN ENGLISH


March 3rd was the worst Bad Hair day for the world’s anti-Trumpers, the lefties of the EU, the Soros-Obama-Clinton-Biden-Kerry Cabal, and their in-pocket media.

From the legacy media you’ve learned that Hungary’s dark-minded dictator governs Hungary’s dark-minded people from the Dark Side. No matter, Hungarians keep voting Orbán back into power, one successive landslide election after the last. 

For those willing to listen to a European version of the fabricated Russia collusion stories, the leftie media will tell you that Hungarians keep voting against their self-interests.

The EU remedied the vote by punishing the Hungarian people for exercising democracy. The European Commission are now in the business, they hope, of breaking Hungary’s economy with sanctions. Hungary will be brought to its knees they hope, for disobeying agreements Hungary never agreed to.

The threats didn’t work.

Hungarians voted for Orbán and his FIDESZ party anyway.


Orbán is the longest serving European leader in modern history…mostly because he’s hated. The more the Soros-owned EP hates Orbán, the more Hungarians turn out to make sure he remains in power.

The European Parliament despises “The Autocrat’s” halting LBGTQXYZ activists from grooming their children into deviancy.

The idea of parents making decisions for their children violate the rights of LGBTQXYZ activists to fondle these children. Doubling down on it, the Dutch PM literally bent over to offer a better solution: throw Hungary out of the European Union, bring the nation to its knees, said he. Throw out the entire European auto industry that has settled in Hungary, as well as Europe’s innovation and technology center.

Never mind the Fifth Force was invented there.

Never mind that a Hungarian invention recently saved tens of millions

Hungary’s GDP,  6% growth rate vs. the west European average 0.40%, also offended the WOKE Europeans. The Hungarian Autocrat, they tell us, is an epic failure. Besides, he kept annoying the pals of the Kenyan Prince by winning one election after another. 

Hungary won’t cooperate with NATO that kept poking the Russian Bear in the ribs for decades.

Landlocked, lacking natural resources of which the world unjustly deprived Hungary in the Trianon Treaty (and too, of its people and seaports), the European Commission and NATO have become leery of Hungary’s reluctance to commit national suicide. The grandfathers of the critics of Orbán’s Hungary had stolen two thirds of Hungary’s territory, relocated its people, real estate and farms, seaports, natural resources and wealth, to other nations. Part of that heritage has landed in Ukraine.

The Hungarian “Autocrat” needed to feed his nation, fertilize his crops, insure the flow of natural gas and oil to heat the nation’s homes, and fuel Hungary’s trucks and economy. Clearly, he’s being unreasonable wanting to protect the lives of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians, relatives and friends in Ukraine’s Trans-Carpathia region, now under the Russian boot.

The Euros advice to Orbán: do what we tell you, or else, so the Russians will do to Ukraine’s Trans-Carpathia what they did to Mariupol.

Hungary will remain neutral in the Ukrainian conflict nevertheless – it won’t be dragged into the war. 

Make no mistake, 100% of the Hungarian people’s hearts, as well as of the nation’s leaders, are 100% behind the Ukrainians, and against the Russian Mass Murderer. 

Hungary has been there, done that!

The heartless, authoritarian Hungarians are taking in more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other nation.

Is there another problem? Indeed, an alleged lack of diversity in Hungary’s media. 

In other words, the Western media that publishes only the voices of progressive political parties, cannot stand that Hungarians have another opinion.


Au contraire to the Leftie take, Hungary has an open media, the kind of which the Western world would be envious.

The entirety of Hungarian culture is a diversity of opinion in a nation where people are not cancelled. They don’t lose their jobs for thinking improper thoughts outside the box (refer to the MARTIANS), they won’t be harassed at universities, or hired to the highest judicial posts solely based on their skin color, race and sex

Those politically-driven outrages happen regularly. Not in Hungary mind you, but in the United States and Woke Europe.

Hungary refuses to normalize deviancy.

Famed Hollywood star Mel Gibson found out while making films in Budapest that Hungary has an overwhelming sense of normalcy.

To insure that pedophiles can groom Hungary’s children, and that Muslim migrants can replace Hungary’s mostly-Christian population, the European Commission promulgated Article VII procedures against Hungary.

These are based on Hungary’s violations of the “Rule of Law” an invention with meaning typical of Lewis Carroll:

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Hungary keeps violating George Soros’ sensibilities and his will to rule other nations. So Uncle Gyuri’s bribed EP promulgated “laws” that never existed before. These made-up-on-the-fly principles, as vague as a puff of air they call “European Values,” were meant to punish Hungary’s people for the sin of having exercised democracy. Accordingly, the EU withheld 40 billion in Covid relief and reconstruction funds to which Hungary was entitled. These, under the same distribution formula as other EU partner nations. 

Two days after Orbán’s reelection, having expected a different result, the piqued EC (European Commission) immediately acted to punish the Hungarian People for voting!

Unprecedented infusions of dark money and Soros’ NGOs interfered with Hungary’s elections with coordinated media attacks and political manipulation and electioneering. These were coupled to fraudulent accusations thrown against Hungary’s “Autocrat” Viktor Orbán. 

Hungarians elected Orbán anyway.

Soros’ $18 billion, the EU’s threats, arm twisting, the global media’s outright hostility, made no difference. Hungary built an effective fence to keep illegals out of Hungary…and the fence stays up anyway.

Orban’s win was the EU’s most-feared nightmare. Hungary’s ideological enemies’ goal of normalizing deviancy and deviating from normalcy has become the deviant norm. 

What annoyed the Hungary-haters most are the Happy Hungarians enjoying a peaceful and safe life in their astonishing capital city, and idyllic country.

Hungary’s rubble-to-remarkable rebuilding under Orbán’s watch, having drawn in investment and business, and its rapidly-growing economy, is what the EU wants to crush – even if it destroyed the EU’s integration prospects too.

Hungary is the living proof that liberal democracies, for example America’s post-Obama, and Germany post Helmut Kohl, do not work.

Hungary is the evidence that illiberal democracies, Poland’s, Slovakia’s, Slovenia’s, Czech Republic’s, and Hungary’s, do.

The first is certainly not a democracy, the second just proved they are.


In recent years cities like London and Berlin have been the destinations of choice for European entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the global stage. Now they are being nudged aside by Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. In a new study by Startups.co.uk, out of 80 key European locations Budapest emerged as the number one city in which to launch a business post-Brexit.


Hungary: Illiberal Democracy in Action

Individual freedoms can never encroach on the interests of the community. There is indeed a majority that must be respected, that is the foundation of democracy! – The Orban Interview

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