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Hungary And The Future Of Europe

Hungary And The Future Of Europe
Image by ブルーエンジェル
Billboards of national consultation on the Soros plan in Zichyújfalu, Fejér County, Hungary

No English-language newspaper reported on it at the time, nor has any cited it since, but the speech Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán made before an annual picnic for his party’s intellectual leaders in the late summer of 2015 is probably the most important by a Western statesman this century. As Orbán spoke in the village of Kötcse, by Lake Balaton, hundreds of thousands of migrants from across the Muslim world, most of them young men, were marching northwestwards out of Asia Minor, across the Balkan countries and into the heart of Europe.

Already, mobs of migrants had broken Hungarian police lines, trampled cropland, occupied town squares, shut down highways, stormed trains, and massed in front of Budapest’s Keleti train station. German chancellor Angela Merkel had invited those fleeing the Syrian civil war to seek refuge in Europe. They had been joined en route, in at least equal number, by migrants from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. For Hungarians, this was playing with fire. They are taught in school to think of their Magyar ancestors as having ridden off the Asian steppes to put much of Europe to the torch (Attila is a popular boys’ name), and they themselves suffered centuries of subjugation under the Ottomans, who marched north on the same roads the Syrian refugees used in the internet age. But no one was supposed to bring up the past. Merkel and her defenders had raised the subject of human rights, which until then had been sufficient to stifle misgivings. In Kötcse, Orbán informed Merkel and the world that it no longer was…

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Walkin O'Shea May 13, 2019 at 9:00 pm

Viktor Orbán is among one of the last of the responsible European leaders left. He has shown singular strength amongst West European diversity. May the Poles and Hungarians once again stop the muslim tides. It is becoming cyclical every 700 to 800 years. It is with the greatest hope that Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia band together to stand up to Merkel/Soros One World Vision.


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