Estonian Ministers Call Joe Biden Corrupt And Compromised By China

Times Like This You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Estonian Ministers Call Joe Biden Corrupt And Compromised By China
Image by Peter Fitzgerald

After the Nov 3rd election fraud in the United States, it became obvious who the American people’s real allies are in Europe. Safe to say, there aren’t many.

However, tiny Estonia, who lived for decades under the Soviet yoke, had several ministers speak up. One of them resigned over the issue.

“The lion’s share, that is 90 percent, was about the declarations by Estonia’s finance minister and minister of the interior regarding the US presidential elections, in which they called Joe Biden a corrupt dirt bag that can be blackmailed, and claimed that there is no doubt that the US election outcome had been falsified, reported The Baltic Times.

“I decided to resign (when) looking at the slander and lies produced by the Estonian media,” said now-former Finance Minister Mart Helme, who remains a member of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE).

“I am tired, I did nothing yesterday that would endanger Estonia’s security,” he told public broadcaster ERR.

“I have not said anything that has not already been told by the American media, the American free media”, reported Euro News.

It’s times like these when you find out who your real friends are.

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