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Pompeo Confirms American Air Power Killed Hundreds Of Russians In Syria

Current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, while being grilled by the U.S. Senate during his confirmation hearing for his appointment as Secretary of State, confirmed that American airpower killed ‘hundreds’ of Russian mercenaries several weeks ago during a nighttime attack by the Wagner Group against American positions. The U.S. special forces units were operating at an oilfield desired by the Assad and oligarch called ‘Putin’s Cook’, who runs the soldier-for-hire force.

“Russians Killed In Battle With US In Syria”: This Story Is Much Bigger Than Reported

Wagner has been active in Syria as well as East Ukraine.

Pompeo’s remarks came after ridiculous attempts by Democratic senators to tar the Trump administration as ‘weak’ on Russia. Tsarizm has reported extensively on the attack and associated American actions against the Russian presence in the Middle East and Ukraine. Many in the Mainstream Media are supporting the ‘Trump is weak on Russia’ narrative and refuse to mention Trump’s missile attack on Syrian aircraft, arming Ukraine against pro-Russian separatists in Donbass, the the incident Pompeo mentioned in Syria.


“Vladimir Putin’s not yet received the message sufficiently. We need continue to work at that,” Pompeo added.

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