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Ukrainian Protestors Scream Gay Propaganda In Kyiv Over Eurovision Rainbow

Ukrainian Protestors Scream Gay Propaganda In Kyiv Over Eurovision Rainbow

A Soviet monument in Kyiv, the Arch of the Friendship of Nations, was in the process of being painted the rainbow colors of the LGBT movement when conservative protestors showed up and halted the process. The event was supposed to highlight Ukraine’s new-found willingness to support EU priorities as it readies to host the Eurovision talent contest, an event which has become highly political in many ways. The protesters demonstrated against the Ukrainian government’s support of ‘gay propaganda.’

“The perverted symbolism that has spoiled the colors of the rainbow has provoked indignation among Ukrainians with traditional values,” said the group Right Sector in a statement. Volodymyr Groysman, formerly speaker of parliament and now prime minister, previously said, “God forbid” Ukraine would ever support gay marriage.

The city seemed to have “found a compromise” according to Mayor Vitali Klitschko who said, “The part that hasn’t been completed will be covered with a Ukrainian decorative pattern,” reported Reuters.

The arch itself may be in danger however, as it was built by Soviet engineers to highlight the reunification of Ukraine with the Soviet Union. This is obviously not a sentiment shared by many Ukrainians as the war rages in Donbass.

Most former Soviet and Eastern European nations are much more conservative than the secular European Union. Russia has an “Anti-Gay Propaganda” law on regularly uses it to restrict gay issues being taught to school children.

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