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Putin’s Nemesis Navalny Calls For More Anti-Corruption Demonstrations

Putin's Nemesis Navalny Calls For More Anti-Corruption Demonstrations

Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has called for additional anti-corruption protests to take place on June 12th, the Russia Day holiday in the Russian Federation. Navalny has been in and out of detention and house arrest over the last few years and was instrumental in the recent nation-wide protests over Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s alleged corruption which was uncovered.

“Our goal is simple: we, honest patriots, must do everything in our power for more people to join us … to fight together against crooks and traitors,” Navalny wrote in his blog on Wednesday.

“June 12 marks a great opportunity: an official national holiday, a day off. Russia Day. You and I, we’re fighting for the best future for Russia, right?”, he said, reports The Moscow Times.

On March 26th of this year, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in cities across Russia. Navalny’s organization released a video which outlined the vast wealth and real estate holdings they alleged the Prime Minister had accumulated through a vast bribery scheme of corruption. The Kremlin denied the accusations and refused to investigate.

“Did we get any response? No,” Navalny wrote on Wednesday. “It means [the necessity to protest again] is clear.”

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