Video: Fight Gets Real Between Turkey And Syrian Forces As Turkish-Backed Rebels Shoot Down Syrian Helicopter

It Seems Trump Was Right After All

Video: Fight Gets Real Between Turkey And Syrian Forces As Turkish-Backed Rebels Shoot Down Syrian Helicopter
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What a mess in Syria as Turkey enters the fray full bore. Trump was right…get American forces out of this continuing quagmire.

If you haven’t been reading about what is happening in the latest phase of the Syrian civil war, Turkey has brought its forces to bear, to prevent further Syrian gains on its border, and the destruction of its Sunni-Arab force in the region by the Syrian (Shia) army.

5 Turkish soldiers were killed in Idlib yesterday in an artillery barrage, invoking the wrath of Ankara, which in turn injected large amounts of soldiers, armored vehicles, and other equipment into the conflict. Attacks by Turkish forces continued today in a wave of revenge.

As an example of the escalation of this new phase of the civil war, Turkish-backed rebels shot down a Russian-made Syrian helicopter today which as filmed and spread all over social media.

The conflict has now invoked one of the largest armies in the world (Turkey) against Russian-backed Syrian forces.

The Kremlin is trying to find a way forward for a ceasefire of course, as Moscow does not want to be drawn into a deeper conflict against a NATO member, no matter how hard Putin has tried to peel away Turkish President Erdogan from the West. However, Russia also does not want to see its gains in the region reversed.

“The Turkish government continues its aggression aimed against the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic by deploying additional forces in the Idlib and Aleppo Provinces as well as carrying out strikes on Syrian territories, where civilian population resides, and a number of military facilities,” Syria’s SANA news agency quotes the ministry’s statement as saying, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

This was never America’s fight. As mentioned, Turkey has one of the largest armies in the world, is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and has a vested interest on its border. Trump is right to pull our forces out of the theater.

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